Xyphos is a Canadian progressive death metal band that was started in 2010 in Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, and the most populous city in Canada. The band was formed with one goal, to create something totally unique and extremely satisfying. Xyphos is led by Andrew Power on vocals and guitar, with Ahmed Ali on guitar, Rory Kennedy on bass, and Brody Overfalle on drums. With the combination of the frontman's diverse vocals and demented guitar, the guitarist's quiet mania, the bassist's eccentric method, and the drummer's creativity, Xyphos beautifully creates a brand of music all its own.

Always displaying an awesome and powerful stage show, the boys bring a forceful energy to performing -- that's out of this world and oddly refreshing. In July 2010, they used that same intensity to create their debut EP entitled "What Comes Before" with the help of Geoff Hodsman (Envenomation, Creep Colony, and Dimensions Divide). The EP has four tracks, they are: Obsessive Compulsive Decapitation, Abusement, Incision, and What Comes Before. Exhibiting a vehemence and passion that are practically unheard of when it comes to debut releases, "What Comes Before" is the exciting result of a wide array of influences, and combined years of experience of every band member. To name a few, the bands main influences include: Akercocke, Alchemist, Atheist, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Gorguts, Immolation, Morbid Angel, and Suffocation.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Xyphos. This is only a fan page.